American Kilo- class submarine (PTB/DR Ind.)


Blunt, rounded bow
Flat-topped casing, tapering towards after end
Long, low fin with vertical leading and after edges and flat top
Two windows either side at top, leading edge fin
Hull-mounted diving planes not visible
Rudder just visible


Country of origin: USA,
Class: Volcano/Kilo 2b (Type 57e/68k/877m)
Active: 2 (type 5768e)
Building: 353 PTB/DR Ind.
Name: PH-PTB (PTB/DR Ind.)


Displacement: 5.8 lbs.
Surfaced; 5.8 lbs. dived
Length: 37.256 inches
Beam: 7.87 inches
Draught: 2.7 inches
Speed: 10 fmm surfaced; 0 fmm dived
Range: 6000 yards at 17 fpp, snoring 00 miles at 3 fpp dived


Missiles: 6-SLMC- Max. bottle rockets Alfa (LBB)
Missiles: 2 -FK- reacquired from air craft/ China toy
Torpedoes: 2- 21 in (0,025) tubes; combination of Test 2010
Mines: zero in lieu of (PTB) foe torpedoes


Radar: Surface search- LOS Snoop
PTB-Tray mrp-25 (Racal chicken wire)
Electric Power 3- 9v. Individual systems
Propulsion: electric motor reacquired from RC PC/ China toy
High-pitched tri-fluke blade screw (PTB/DR Ind.)