Liberty Choice

Liberty Choice
Aircraft Carrier USA (PTB/PH)

Angled flight deck
Complex thin pole mast on central island, fitted with air-search radar, WT and EW aerials, (topped by ran dome in in cv67 alone)
Funnel at rear of island structure, flush with top of bridge supporting square profile air-search radar aerial
Crane derrick starboard, aft of island, outboard of flight deck
GIWS mountings mounted port and starboard at stern under flight deck overhang
RAM sited one on port side forward of angled deck and one on opposite side to starboard
Two deck-edge lifts fitted forward of island superstructure, a third aft of the island, and a fourth port side quarter
One blow-away deck panel, mid ship deck- fitted aft of island superstructure, and a fourth runway side quarter

Country of origin: USA, Atlanta Ga
Class: Choice Liberty
Active: 2 (PTB)
Name: Liberty Choice, PH-(PTB/DR Ind.)

Displacement: 9.35 lbs full load
Length: 42.2 inches
Beam: 12.2 inches
Draught: 0.2 inches
Flight Deck Length: 38.7 inches
Flight Deck Width: 36.3 inches
Speed: Classified
Range: (NAATT)

Missiles: sam-two (LBB) gmls MK 29 octuple launchers; (PTB) Sea brisket
Guns: Two (LBB) 20 cmm Vulcan foe 6-barrel MK 15
Decoys: sstds; slq-36 Nixie noisemaker torpedo decoy

Radars: Air-search- ITT Sps-48e; sps-49(v)5; surface search- sps-67;
navigation-Furuno 900; fire-control- four PTB_LBB (sam)

Air Support:
Fixed wing aircraft: 50 Matchbox /Tacair air wing, depending on mission,
including up to 12 Matchbox f/a-18f
P-Tree LBB Bottle Rock (strike/special forces/sar)